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Can you help us help Buttle UK help children & young people in poverty?

2019 sees the Mini reaching 60, the iconic film “The Italian Job” hitting 50 and 30 years since the first “Italian Job” charity fundraising run. With these automotive planets aligning how could we not take part?

On October 17th 2019 we’ll be driving onto a Eurotunnel train with 50 other vehicles that appeared in the 1959 “The Italian Job” film (or later versions of those original models), mostly classic Minis, all with the aim of raising money to help children in poverty.

The Italian Job has supported different children’s charities over the last 30 years and has raised nearly £3million. The charity for 2019 is Buttle UK, an amazing charity that works to give children and young people in poverty the same standard of living that most of us take for granted.

What sets Buttle UK apart from many other charities is that all of the money raised supports poverty-stricken children; administration is paid for by a £1million* endowment created in 1953 by East End clergyman Reverend Frank Buttle.

Sadly, the problems that inspired Frank to act 80 years ago are still with us today; in 2018 Buttle helped 35,439 children with grants totalling £4,606,856. The 2018 grants included 3,191 beds and bedding, a basic necessity, which is one of the reasons we are aiming to raise as much money as possible.

We are aiming to raise £1,500 for this amazing charity and need your help to smash this target. In 2018 The Italian Job raised £90,000 for Buttle UK, who have provided a breakdown of how this money was distributed. One thing is clear, the money raised in 2019 will make a difference in people’s lives.

Taking part in the event is a lot of fun, so we’re covering all of the cost of taking part. All of the money we raise will go to Buttle UK. 3,000 miles in a classic Mini will be a challenge for both us and the car, albeit very different undertaking compared to running a marathon or completing the Three Peaks Challenge. Once we’re squeezed into the car, space will be at a premium so we will be travelling light. After many years of travelling in a more spacious Volvo estate, this isn’t going to be easy!

Please remember that whilst the challenge is fun, the fundraising and Buttle UK are both very serious.

Beds for Kids - Buttle UK

So how can you help?

You can make a personal donation via Virgin Giving Money. You can boost your donation by 25% at no extra cost with Gift Aid. Buttle receive the money quickly and can use it long before we’ve left the UK.

If you or your company would like to sponsor us, we have space on our Mini that can carry your advertising on the event plus before and after the event. The Italian Job has good media coverage plus we will generate local news coverage and it is the ideal opportunity to promote your company and make a difference at the same time. Where possible we can make the Mini available for your own events and publicity. If you would like to discuss sponsorship please contact us.

If you know other people or companies that would be interested in supporting us then please pass our details on.

You can find out more about our Mini and The Italian Job by having a good old rummage through this website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you’ll be able to help us make a difference to the lives of children in poverty.

Chances for Children - Buttle UK

*The original endowment was £80,000 short of Frank Buttle’s £1million target when he died on 11 February 1953, however with further fundraising Frank’s target was reached later that year

Help us help Buttle UK improve the lives of children & young people in povety.

You can donate directly via Virgin Money Giving- whatever the amount, every penny counts

Help us support children and young people in poverty

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