Day 13 – Macon to Reims

We woke to a beautiful sunrise over Macon, with a distinct autumn feel to the morning air.

Sunrise over Macon

Sunrise over Macon

Having taken a slightly odd route to the hotel the night before, we hadn’t been able to fill up with petrol.

We had re-grouped with the cars 26, 49, and 50, who had filled up the night before, so there was much tutting from Barry for breaking rule 1 – fill up with petrol the night before.

It turned out that car 49 needed a petrol station stop too, as they had lost their petrol cap somewhere between Turin and Macon. John had shown his creative side, constructing a replacement cap with bubble wrap and his repair tool of choice, the cable tie.

John's favourite repair tool - the cable tie

John’s favourite repair tool – the cable tie

Today’s drive was a slog on a quiet Autoroute. So we decided to have a play, recreating in part the original Italian Job film with a bit of synchronised lane swapping. Obviously we can’t condone this driving behaviour.

On the outskirts of Reims is the Reims-Gueux Grand Prix road course built in 1926 and closed in 1972. The buildings for the start-finish line on the D27 are still standing and deserved a visit. The circuit may be unused, nevertheless not unloved. A team of retired motorsport fans are slowly restoring the buildings, with the aim of offering accommodation.

Grandstand on the abandoned Reims Gueux circuit

Grandstand on the abandoned Reims Gueux circuit

Eventually we reached the beautiful city of Reims, parked the Minis and went off exploring. For those so inclined, shops beckoned and for others a visit to the breath taking cathedral.

The astonishing Reims cathedral

The astonishing Reims cathedral

We met for a late lunch/dinner in the shadow of the cathedral and spent a relaxed couple of hours eating, drinking and chatting.

We wandered back to the hotel and after a quick beer went up to bed.

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