Day 15 – Ashford to Cranleigh

Needless to say, there were a few sore heads following the superb gala dinner the night before, however, this didn’t dampen breakfast appetites.

It was sad to say goodbye to people we didn’t know 15 days ago, however, we knew we had made some new friends for life, the sort that don’t see each other for a while and when they do carry on where they left off.

Some were planning to return in 2018 and many in 2019 for the 30th anniversary of The Italian Job (we’re booked in!). Plus there were a few opportunities before then for Mini related adventures, including the Minis at Dunsfold in 2018 and Minis at Goodwood in August 2019.

We left the hotel to load up the Mini for the last time on this trip and came across a stricken 1963 Mini. Having covered nearly 3,000 miles, almost without a problem, the universal joints had broken a few miles from home. The crew were in the process of replacing the broken parts and whilst we felt guilty leaving them, we wouldn’t have been much help.

We headed off home and with a sunny autumn morning we decided to follow the A25 at Godstone rather than trudge along the M25. After Redhill, we were greeted with gorgeous vehicles taking part in the London to Brighton Veteran run, a real treat for the drive home.

Back at home, we unloaded the Mini, still amazed at how much we had taken across Europe and reflecting on an amazing two weeks.

2,730 miles of fun, friendship and fund raising

2,730 miles of fun, friendship and fund raising

One job needed to be completed before returning to work on Monday morning. Our workhorse of a car, the Volvo V70 we’ve owned since 2002 had suddenly started reading maximum temperature on the Saturday night before we left for Dover. Thanks to online ordering, a new temperature sensor was waiting in the pile of post and after 30 minutes the reliable car was running normally again.

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